Style is to see beauty in modest things.
— Andree Putman

Style is more than a look, more than contemporary or traditional. Style is personal and is defined and interpreted differently by everyone.

You know it when you see it. It might be in the architecture and the architectural details or in the choice of furniture pieces. Style is often expressed in the details. A room without the proper details will never look or feel finished. Fabrics bring color and texture and can easily change the mood of the room. Adding objects that we love makes a room our own.

Our homes have taken on new meaning and we are spending more time at home. We are listening to our own inner voices in determining what makes us feel comfortable in our homes. We are working out of home offices, entertaining at home and planting our gardens. And in the process, we are developing our own sense of style.

We are more at ease in taking design risks and expressing our own tastes. We are not following fashion’s dictates. We are mixing and matching and using principles of composition. We are considering balance and proportion. Elsie de Wolfe (1870-1950), the self proclaimed first interior decorator said, “How can we develop taste?...We must first learn to recognize suitability, simplicity and proportion, and apply our knowledge to our needs.”

Now more than ever we are selecting, gathering and arranging things that we like in a way that suits our lifestyle. Style and lifestyle have now become synonymous.